Unit IV offers a four-year program that teaches elements of raising the dignity of the needs of the human person to the level of an art together with hands-on professional classes on key living skills. Classes take place at Sheridan Study Center and are directed by its professional hospitality staff. Space is limited. Participants can choose to stay in Unit IV throughout high school, or they may alternate a year or more in this Unit with other Units of University Boulevard.

  • Baking Basics: Methods and Techniques

  • Creaming Method: Quick Breads, Cakes and Cookies

  • Foaming Method: Sponge Cake, Angel Food Cake, Geniose

  • Rubbing Method: Tarts, Pies, Scones

  • The Science of Yeast and Leavening Agents

  • Melting Method: Chocolate

  • Cake Assembly and Decorating

  • Pastry Showcase

Topics for the year 2019-2020

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