How does University Boulevard partner with parents?

Since Parents are the primary educators of their children, University Boulevard seeks to complemet what students receive at home. Unit leaders and mentors actively seek the collaboration and feedback of parents. The program also sponsors seminarsfor parents on a variaty of topics: parenting, preparing children for college, home managment, etc.

Can I Invite my friends to University Boulevard?

Yes, we encourage you to talk with your friends about University Boulevard and to share what you are learning. You can ask your mentor to speak with your friends and their parents if they are interested in joining the program.

Can students join University Boulevard in the middle of school year?

Students can register in the middle of the school year but to fully benefit from the program, we recommendthet they join in August

Can I join the program in junior year if I did not attend Unit I?

Yes, students can join the program in Units, II, III, or IV, even if they did not attend the previous Units. Their mentors can help these students fill any gaps and bring them up to speed.

Can a student sign up for the course even though she cannot attend every session?

Because the program is designed with sessions wich build one upon the other, it is for the benefit of the student to attend every session.

What is the role of mentoring?

Mentors guide the students in applying the principles they learn in the program, through realistic and practical goals. Each student meets regulary with her mentor. Students can also contact mentors outside the program sessions if needed.

How is the program structured?

The program compromises four integrated units that build on one another and are tailored to the participant's age. We meet once a month on a Saturday, August through May (no session on December), from 12:30-2:30 pm. Eachsession includes aninteractivepresentation, practical exercises, and/or braekout sessions.

Why the name "University Boulevard"

Young women are confronted with the many paths they can take through life. The University Boulevard Leadership Program provides them the tools and skills they need in order to navigate through the intersections that come along the boulevards of life.

What is the aim of University Boulevard?

University Boulevard aims to equip young women with the confidence and skills they need to: give direction of their life, discover their sense of purpose, aspire to reach their personal best, and make positive contributions to each life's avenues.